Saturday, August 29, 2009

Small Talk Six: 6 things your hate or loved about school

Small Talk Six Six things I liked about School Brought to you by the wonderful ladies over at
Mom Dot

1. Tennis, I was on the tennis team.

2. I loved history class, because I loved history. I loved it so much I became a history and english teacher.

3. My teacher Mrs. Michell. She kept telling me I could, when everyone else kept telling me I couldn't. and I DID!

4. I hated bullies, I wasn't bullied but I stood up for some kids that were, got suspended for fighting on campus but the bullies weren't, how interesting.. I learned a lot about life being unfair, that year

5. The quarterback on the football team, we became engaged, he became a cop and was KIA. Life really is not fair.

6. I hated the perky cheerleaders. I couldn't make the squad so I became the "A" in PAlo alto High. The letter girls were below the squad of course. even though we did some of the same routines, etc.

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