Thursday, August 27, 2009

Children and fear, Charleston and moving Random Friday

Imagine your life wholly untouched by angst. What if faith, not fear,
was your default reaction to threats? If you could hover a fear magnet
over your heart and extract every last shaving of dread, insecurity, and
doubt, what would remain? Envision a day, just one day, absent the
dread of failure, rejection, and calamity. Can you imagine a life with no fear?
Max Lucado - Fearless

I have been thinking a lot about fear lately. I have stepped out in faith on some things that have been absolutely scary. Starting my own business meant going for a while without income.
Moving to a strange town.
moving again
and again
and yet again.

Is life supposed to be fearful? I don't think so, bu I think it is our first reaction to any situation we are not sure of or appears strange to us. I wonder what would happen if our reaction was faith.

Tasha likes to watch a show called Yo Gabba Gabba. The show positivity irritates me, but it is one of two shows she will really sit and watch. Not to mention sing to and with, do the dance movements then spend 5 minutes telling me all about what happened in the show.
One of the "robots named Trudy was afraid of the dark, and the other robots joined to assure her there was nothing to be afraid of the dark. This show made a profound effect on Tasha. Now she is not afraid of the dark, but since yo Gabba Gabba told her it was OK, she was not going to be afraid of the dark. It is amazing how much of an impact a TV show has on a 3 year old, if we realized this more I think we would be more careful what is on in the background.
I was watching a war movie, and Tasha wasn't paying me or the TV any attention, but after she asked me why the men were playing with firecrackers.
But she wasn't scared. But I was, and kicked myself many times that day for making the mistake for thinking for a second her subconscious wasn't paying attention.

I think fear is a learned exercise. Although some fear is good, (fear of strangers, etc) I don't think we want our kids to be fearful all the time.
Maybe just very cautious. But I don't know how you teach this without scaring them.
Tasha is never left alone, not even in the back yard. She doesn't
't know it is because we worry about things, she just knows that Mom, Nanny and uncles Eric are always there for her.
Do we tell her about the bad people who might reach over the fence and take her away.

The very interesting thing is, even 20 years ago these were not fears we had, kids played in the backyard, or on the front porch.

Polly Klaas's abductor had not made it unsafe for kids to even go to bed at night.

Are you afraid ?

Tasha and the pizza man
The phone was raining yesterday evening and I told Tasha to answer it, because I knew it was her mom, Tasha picked it up and then immediately returned it to it's cradle. She looked at me and said , well Pizza's here! Apparently that's more important then mom. She ran to the door opened it and said: Hello Pizza man! Do you think she likes Pizza?

I am moving my blog to Wordpress next week, I hope all of you will follow.

It is cloudy and overcast in Charleston, I like days like this. It is what I call a thinking day or even a reading day. I can do both.

I hope for you it is a wonderful day.

And so it goes...


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