Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tasha's bad day.....

Tasha had a hard day yesterday. Her mom worked a double at work, meaning she was gone from 7am until well, she isn't home yet and it's 10:45 pm. So she missed her mom of course, but she just plain had a hard day.

1. She stuffed crackers in her mouth because she was in a hurry to see Dora, and ended up choking on them. As she ran down the hall to get to her TV. We had a time getting her unchoked because she was so scared, she finally (gross sorry) Threw them up. Crying. But we calmed her down and so all was well
2. She waited to long to go potty, and had accident. She rushed to get to the potty chair, didn't have time and had a major accident. all over her chair, the floor, and well,just everything. Again with the tars, she wa sooo pitiful! Nanny scooped her up and put her in the bathtub. There jus wasn't anything else to do. She loves taking a bath, so she stayed in there two hours until dinner had a grand old time having Barbie, Aurora, and sleeping beauty dive in the tub. then she went swimming, and all was fine. Nanny had to use towels to mop up the floor, but it was worth it.
So all was fine
3. Chasing the kitty up the hall she slipped and slid into my desk and computer, and the phone fell on her head. Again Tear's, of course the phone hurt! But we got through it and all was fine
4. I was lying on the sofa with a headache, she decided I needed her blanket to feel better so she went and got me her blanket, and the decided that I need her special pillow, she grabbed the pillow and ran yes ran straight into the door frame. Hit her head. She had a headache for a while.
She will have a bit of a knot on her forehead tomorrow. She got Ice cream for this one. after I held her for a bit feeling every inch of hr pain...the all was fine.
5. She was playing with the kitty, and jumped on the chair and rolled off the arm onto,her toosh.
This hurt little more then her pride, but by now I am seriously worried she is not going to survive the night. So I sit her down and watch WaWa wubzy and blues clues with her, so she cannot do any further harm to her self....
and everything is fine
Well not really until, she fell aslepp in the middle of Blues Clue, and we didn't even find the clue.
She had a hard day, the little one. I sit here and I feel so bad, but all of us b have bad days sometimes.
All I can hope is tomorrow is better. It will be.Mom is off.

And so it goes...


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