Saturday, August 8, 2009

Small Talk six saturday

This is fun, the subject is "how Lazy can you be" The things I have seen...

1. Moving into a new house, putting all of your boxes in your room then sleeping on the sofa because there is not any room for you.

2. Undressing in the bathroom and leaving clothes on the floor,until you don't have any clean clothes then washing them and stating the cycle over

3. throwing chicken legs in the crockpot and dumping BBQ sauce on the so I don't have to watch them or season them.

4. Holding up traffic in Wal-Marts' parking lot, waiting for someone to back out, to get a parking space three spaces closer to the door

5. spending 30 minutes looking for the remote, rather then just walking tot he TV and changing the channel.

6,buying one of those vacation pet feeders for the cat, so you don't have to feed her everyday.

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