Sunday, August 9, 2009

Happy Monday..Random Thoughts..

I worked out yesterday, with Denise. I would suggest never working out with your child. You would think had learned that when I tried running with her and she left me in the dust.
I thought, surely I can keep up with her on the treadmill, but nope. She left me standing still. Her treadmill was rocking and rolling. Mine, was just rocking.
Working out, Denise and I are training for a 5K in October. I am determined to make it, but what makes me really proud is watching Denise's determination, If I don't make it I plan to be there cheering her on. She is really working hard. The Pictures of of Tasha and Tasha's mom, Denise had company over the weekend and they went to the park. You can tell, how much Denise has been working out. She looks really good.

Tasha's' cat who has been aptly names, uh I think Tasha's cat, is watching TV. This is after jumping from the chair to the computer solely for the fun of chasing the mouse on my computer, screen. It is hard to type with a cat, even a tiny kitten, sitting. in between the keyboard and the monitor, we found I won, for now. I had to move the chair across the room. it really is Tasha's cat. He has a mind of his own.

I have to get a cell phone, up until now I have resisted, but people need to get in touch with me, so getting a phone i am. I think my friend over at nice shoes, has convinced me a IPhone is best, so I am looking into those.I amtrying o decided betwen a palm and a Iphone, I'd love help.

I'd like to say hello to my lurkers. I kow you are there, you show up on my stat counter, evry once in a while I want you to know you are appreciated. I am a lurker to, so I understand you. So Howdy. And if someday you want to leave a comment thats cool to.

I am getting ready to go to bed, and it strikes me this blog is boring tonight, sorry, about the only thing happening is right about now a huge transport jet well helicopter, is fly ing over my house. I can tell by the sound it is going in for a landing, and I am happy, it is either men or equipment returning from the Gulf. When I think of each of these planes, I think of the men and women on board, how excited they must be to look out the window and see home, or if Charleston is not their home, America. At least they know, they will be safe for a minute.

But. again safety is a relative thing. 90 tourists came to America to enjoy New York, and met their fate in the Hudson. Do we ever know, when we are safe? I am going to give Tasha a hug..You find your kids, and hug them tight.

I have started a new ning group, I hope everyone will visit and joing, it is different from any of the other groups, At least I hope. The button is at the top of the page, it is called The bridge. Everyone is welcome.

Happy Monday

And so it goes....

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