Monday, August 3, 2009

Things I learned in Life...

Do you ever feel some days like it can't get worse, then it does? So it can't get any worser, right? But it does.. again.. I had one of those weekends, as a matter of fact I think I have ha one of those lives..

.I am doing my usual stealing justnot from Carey this time, but from .my very good friend Simone over at Chocolate covered Daydreams has a segment called things I learned..I am blatantly stealing it, (well it doesn't do for one to be sneaky and besides where will that get me? She reads my blog,) So today I am doing things I learned while on the way through life:

1. June Cleaver is a fraud. What do you think of someone who wears pearls to wash the dishes? That is suspicious enough, but did you ever notice papers on the floor when ward was Reading the paper? I have papers from here to the kitchen.

2. Making plans is useless. Steinbeck said it best: The Best laid plans...There is something to be said for spontaneity.

3. No matter what happens, there is always tomorrow.

4. Speaking of tomorrow, If I don't get it done today Guess whats waiting? Yep Tomorrow.

5. There is nothing worse then losing a close friend, they are not replaceable.

6. Some things come and some things go but money problems are forever.

7. I seldom get to watch TV, but when I do it is going to be a rerun of a episode I have already seen

8. Even if I run across the store to get in the checkout line with only two people, it will be the longest wait because the second person will pay a 200 dollar grocery pennies.

9. Murphy's law is the only reality.

10. and: Reality is perception. My reality is never yours so don't even try.

11.The man you met in the grocery store who was polite, opened the door for you had a award winning smile, dressed married. the one who slurped his drink, had his shorts hanging off of him, cut in line, then had the nerve to ask for a date isn't. Guess why?

12. Life goes on. Really. It just feels like it's the end of the world Tomorrow will probably be worse.

13. Are your friends missing? Can't get them on the phone? Don't worry they are either on FB or Twitter or most likely reading someone Elses blog..just go looking...

14. Feel like it absolutely positive has to be said? It probably doesn't, if it can't wait until tomorrow you probably shouldn't say it anyway. Remember once its out there...

15. Did your kids just leave for college and the outside world? Don't worry empty nest sydrome is a rumor.. They'll be back. It's a cold world out there and there really isn't any place like home....or anyone like Mom or her laundry room...

And so it goes....

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