Thursday, August 20, 2009

Whats an Anniversary....

Well Happy Blogaversary to me. I used a wishing well cake because, well I have so many wishes.
If wishes were horses....

1. I wish all the soldiers good health and safety.
2. I wish them a safe return home
3. I wish I had won the publishers clearing house sweepstakes
4. I wish I had the money to buy Natasha whatever she wanted, and she would never get spoiled
(well I already do this, and yes she is a teeny little bit spoiled. Well maybe a lot,)
5. I wish it would rain. I know I complained last week, but Charlestons storms are spectular, and I miss them. Can't make me happy at all can we?
I wish I have won the southern living free house givaay,that house in ashville was wonderful!
I wish good health to all my friends.

I would like to do the usual I wish for world peace, etc but I don't think that is going to happen anytime soon.

I am happy I have met so may wonderful people while blogging, and made many friends.

BTW I have many lurkers, I know you are there, come on you show up on my stats, I just want you to know I apprciate you to and if you ever want to drop a commen coolk..but thats okay if you don't. If you wanted to be known you wouldn't be lurking now would you? :)


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