Friday, August 21, 2009

I went downtown to a meeting the the other day, and you couldn't get downLibety street. This in itself was a crazy thing to do, it is the first week of school an the dorms are down that think I'd remembered.

Parents were lined up for the entire block, letting kids and packages out of the car moving their precious littleones into the dorms. College kids flying on their own for the first time, see I knew they were first timers, becasue you learn the second year how to avoid the rush and the turmoil.

You move in early. Or late. Beat the crowds.

I remember when my kids went to collge, it is a sad and a happy time. for them and for you.

Is school starting at your house to? Whether it is college, elem, highschool oar preshcol
it is time for a new year.. Are you ready?

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