Friday, September 11, 2009

Americans and Apathy

oday is 9/11 and I actually do not have a lot to say. We have come so far since that day. But we have come the wrong way.

I remember how we came to gather. I remember how flags flew everywhere, it didn't matter who you were that day or the day after or the day after.
When did we forget and it become distant again?

We all want to live the American dream, and whats wrong with that? When did Americans NOT care about two cars a house and a boat. Or for that instance Roosevelt's proverbial; two chickens in every pot analogy....

July 5, 1776
December 8 1941
September 12, 2001

We cared about America and Americans on these days, and we were ready to protect her.
We were angry at being attacked.. Remember how you cheered when our soldiers left? Well, heads up people they are still there. They are htere because the job is not done.
Why aren't you cheering now?

Rmember the Slogans?
These colors don't run.
Don't worry, we are on our way
Dome mess with Americans.

Where are they now?

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The media has a lot to say about the other side, but what about our guys?

When you look at your kids, or any kids do you want them to grow up in a post 9/11 world?
The one where we are so busy arguing about America we forget we are the Americans?

I am sorry folks, it wasn't a hoax. It happened. And if we are not careful it Will happen again. Not because there are Muslims in our country but because we are once again suffering from Apathy. We have exchanged awareness for prejudices. We ave looked for something or someone else to blame. We are worried about being politically correct that we are not watching what is happening.

We are forgetting the next attack could be on your kids. Your, mine ours. There wasn't a yours on 9/11 it was ours. Americas.

Wheres your flag? It flew in 2001 where is it today?

Apathy led us to Dec 7 and to 9/11 don't let apathy lead us on to something worse.

I believe wehave a president who is doing more to demorilize our country, then upliftit.
and you see these guys below this line? They are over there so I can state that.

God Bless America

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