Monday, September 28, 2009

Denise and the Cat...

Monday Morning. Today started normal. Tasha running through the house, waking up the family which is her self appointed job to do, I have the strong desire to fire her from this position, but what can you do?

Anyway, Denise was feeling rather industrious  after her morning wake up call, so at 8:30 in the morning she gthered her laundry together and went outside to the laundry room. Now I should explain, that in Charleston, the laundry rooms are separate rooms outside of the house but still attached. Ours is off the patio to the left. So while Denise is busily stuffing clothes in the washing machine she hears a samll faraway mew.

Now our cat has been missing for three days, so she was a little excited about hearing the sound she thought it was our cat. So she starts seaching, The Laundry room is the cats favorite place to sleep and hang out. She moves clothes, looks under boxes checks the dryer. No Kitty. She deciides she must have been dreaming.

Steps out side the door and  hears it again. She starts searching the back yard
looking uder bushes ,in the old dog house and  no cat. Just when she thinks she is losing her mind....she decides to go in the house

After heading in the house, yet a third time she hears the meow again this time a tad more urgently.

So,she heads off in the direction of the the sound, which is coming from the back of the yard still no cat  but she notices the dogs in the neighbor yard, who live catty corner to us, are barking uproariously at something, looking up in the tree she sees the cat. up the tree with two dogs standing guard below it.

Well, now we know where the cat has been for three days.

Denise come rushing in the house, excited I found the cat. She yells excitedly.

"Where" I ask

"Two dogs ran her up a tree"


So, we go out and try to coax the cat down, the neighbor has an electric fence so we cannot climb the fence, I got a ladder, Denise tried to climb the tree with the ladder...ladder was too short.

The kitten has now seen us and is going wild, trying to decided if we could save her from the dogs should she jump.

Probably not a good idea.

Luckily the neighbor came out, she has a friend who had an extension ladder so she's off to call the friend to bring the ladder.

and while she is doing that......

The kitty trots down the tree on the other side right into Denises' arms.

Nothing like a cat to cause problems. Denise is happy, gleefully hugs the kitty, the kitty is shaking for minute then starts to purr......

We bring her in the house, she rushes for the kitty box. Can you imagine not going to the Bathroom for three days? THEN she eats and drinks and...........
asks to goout, yet agin..out you go.
try to stay away from dogs and trees this time.
The cat looks at me like I am nuts.

One day we need toname this cat

And so it goes....
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