Friday, September 25, 2009

Small Talk six saturday

Another Small talk six..What every happened to this week? It is now Saturday again and this week small talk six is...6 things you love or hate about your neighbors.....Thank you ladies at Momdot.

The issue here is I don't know my neighbors...sooo hmm. I am going to talk about former neighbors I loved or er didn't love.

1. I hate when neighbors burn leaves. This is really prevalent here in Charleston. They either use a fn or something, but it is always pointed directly toward the house.....Yes my house. So I can't use my deck without choking.

2. having a BBQ and not inviting me. I mean really...

3. Kids running in my yard. I have a neighbor who cuts across my grass going to the neighbor on the other side. Not generally, but I can see him pass my porch and walk through my flowers. Boo.

4. I love the fact the neighbor ran over and welcomed me to the neighborhood when I was getting my mail the first day. I thought it was sweet. But she didn't bring cookies. :)

5. I love the fact none of my neighbors feel they have to share their music with me. In my old neighborhood the people down the road thought I'd enjoy their music even though I was 4 houses down. Surprise. I didn't.

6. I like the fact even though we donot chat and carry on, I know my neighbors look out for me and our neighborhood.

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