Sunday, September 6, 2009

Speak For Lavendar-Silenced forever

This is a copy of another blog. This little girl was murdered, Help stop it from happening again.
I cry every time things like this happened...No child should suffer...please take a moment and fill out the form for the DA, and link to Ohilda's blog. It breaks my heart I would give my own life to get Sharon's back...Please help see this doesn't happen again....

Dear Friends,

I, along with a group of other adoptive moms, have become worried that without a grieving family to push the District Attorney's office, Lavender's case might very well be swept under the rug. We very much want the DA to know that Lavender has a huge adoptive family who grieves for her and just as we fought for her to come home, we will fight to have her voice heard.

In this effort, we have come up with a plan to write the DA's office to expressour strong desire for justice to be served in this case.

Please join us in writing the DA either via the online form by clicking HERE. * You do NOT have to have adopted or even be a Mom or Dad to write. You only have to know in your heart that this little girl was WRONGED and justice needs to be served.

Please have the subject read: "Justice for Lavender Banks".

We have written the following statement to express our wishes to the DA:


Dear District Attorney Jan Scully,

This letter is to urge your office to seek justice for Lavender Banks, who diedon May 2, 2008. Her mother, Sabrina Banks, stands accused of her murder. We, as an adoption community, banded together to support Sabrina Banks when she wanted to adopt Lavender from China. This same community grieves for the loss of Lavender and demands that those responsible for her death be brought to justice. Sabrina Banks has had her time to talk. Now, finally, it is little Lavender's turn.


Please feel free to use this statement and/or add your personal thoughts. We just want to make sure that the DA knows that there are many people who would like to see justice done in this case.

Help spread the word! You are more than welcome to link to this page, post it on your blog, online forums, FaceBook, or any group that you may belong to. We need to show the DA's office how very important this issue is to the adoption community and how much sweet Lavender's life mattered.

Thank you for being a voice for this angel!

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