Monday, October 5, 2009

A child saved

A few weeks ago a fire in a trailer claimed the lives of two children, a 4 month old an a 1 year old. I had nightmares for days. I kept thinking of these little ones crying for their mom,  not understand what was going on, the terror they felt..I felt really bad for the mother, standing outside hearing this. I wouldn't have stayed out side. I would have had to perish with my kids.

In yesterdays paper I read, the children died because the mom left them alone. the police were apparently

suspicious because mom had no bruises and didn't appear to have tried to get the kids out, she, it turns out had left them alone and gone somewhere. The police wouldn't say where.
I am speechless.

Our kids are so precious, I wonder why some parents don't understand this.

I am totally against abortion. You don't have to have an unexpected pregnacy, you have birth dontrol that stops your cycle for up to a year, shots, pill, IUD's they are so many ways, not to mention things for guys so why should abortion even been necessary?  Prevention is the answer if you are going to play, are you going to play football without a helmet, drive a car without a seatbelt?
Common sense goes a long way. I don't understand.

Any child has the right to be safe. We have to find someway to make sure this happens. We can't sit by and let our children die. What can we do?

Kids come into this world innocent, All they expect is the one whom they trust to love and care for them. What a betrayal to find out that one person is the one who will not care for you, but hurts you and causes you harm.

I have searched many organizations and found out there are many set up out there to help survivors of abuse, and indeed  Pinwheels for prevention is one trying to stop this insane trend.

 I myself am a survivor.

What I wish more then anything in the world someone had stopped it before it happened, but when I was a child parents had total control over their kids, child abuse hadn't been invented yet.

I remember, praying for help and wondering why God hated me.

I would always wish to be invisible. I lived in a world of make believe that meshed with reality where I wasn't sure which was which some days.

I hid in my room, not making a sound hoping my stepmom would forget I was there, but she didn't and anytime she was mad, I was her target

My grandmother saved me, she took me away and for a minute life was better.
But only for a minute. But she gave me the tools I needed to be survivor, and because of her

 I am a child saved.

You have to be strong to get over it, and I was. On my own, and promised I would never see another child hurt. I failed. Everyday many many children suffer child abuse by the very person they expect protection from.

If you think a child is being abused, speak up. If you see suspect child abuse, get to know the child if you can. Watch carefully if you can't.

Our system does not work, Unless we help it.
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