Saturday, October 3, 2009

Of blogging and life, virtual and real...

I missed Six small things Saturday, I couldn't think of six things I wouldn't want my kids to say. So I skipped it.

I have a lot of favorite bloggers. Some of them just fit my mood, like Barb at Nice shoes. She is a blast (dates me right?) her life as a business exec and entering the dating world again are inspirational sometimes, touching other times,  but keeps a smile on my face all the time

Shortmama over at the family of shorts, has many different subjects on her blog, you can't help but laugh, cry, giggle with her, and when all is said and done go over to her other blog, short cook and have dinner. I have tried many of her recipes, they alway turn out and I can even make them taste good. This, if you knew me, would know how amazing that is in itself.

I meant Shortmama through a charming little household out at  Life at Killeny Glen Jill has wonderful tales to tell of life at the Glen. She makes you wish you lived there. I thought about naming my house, but I couldn't think of a suitable one.

I like blogging. I like talking to my blog friends on facebook and Twitter, because then they feel like real friends which they are and as if they are close to you.

For instance, I spent a lot of time in prayer for a new bloggy  friend, Ohilda over at A bouquet of Blessings she has had a very hard week with sick kids, and she her self was not well and at one point I think even the dog had the sniffles, she came through like a trooper and I had the honor of praying for her and her little ones.

I started reading Carma Sez because of her Cheese Ball project. It kept and held my attention for a minute, but Carma's blog is one of the ones that always has something going on, and it's always fun just to stop by.

Bloggers are special people. The USA today says mommy bloggers are the most powereful voices in the world today. We do everything. We blog. We sell on our blogs, some preach, some talk, some vent. Whatever we do, we are telling the world how it is.

I think thats grand.

I started blogging for the fun of it. I just wanted a place to write, so I could look back and see where I have been this year. Well, I am on my 200 blog post and apparently I have been a lot of places, Tasha went from a baby with a mind of her own to a little girl still with a mind of her own. I have lived in four houses in three states, changed jobs three time all with the same company, gave up and started my own business, which to my surprise is actually working out.

I learned a lot about myself, more about others. Just because of blogging.

I heard somewhere the basis of our communication is changing. Social media is the way businesses are enticing customers, if you are a business and you don't have a website then you are not legit.

Theres a big difference between the real world and the online world. I am proud to have friends in both.

I also now make my living in the virtual world for the most part. I remember years ago, going online and simply playing pac man.

How far back do I remember? Does anyone remember Prodigy? That was the very first network I was on, then I moved up to AOL.

One of these online networks is totally gone, and the other has become a shadow of itself.
Sill, the virtual world grows. You can buy anything online, never leaving your house.

So communication is a natural outcome of this, making friends in Scotland, while living in Charleston seems natural to me now, a few years ago it was unbelievable.

I learned all of this blogging. While you have a minute, check out my friends I mention above, I meant them through other friends, but if I named them all I would be here all night and I have tomake a living sometime.

How about you?  Why do you blog?

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