Saturday, October 10, 2009

Small Talk Six.. Celebrations!

 6 unconventional things you think people should celebrate by throwing a party Brought to you by the ladies at Momdot

1. The I lost ten pounds party. It should be celebrated with ice cream and chocolate.

2. The  I gained the ten pounds back. Celebrated with celery and carrot sticks, with diet coke. 

3. The Toddler went potty party. celebrated by toilet papering the potty and doing the traditional potty dance. I don't know how to do it, you will have to rent the DVD potty power to learn it. Toddler may join in. 

4. That I remembered to put the garbage out party. Ice cream cake and rent o good movie. Maybe the garbage pail kids. Most likly a good sobber like Steel Magnolias so I can be really happy. 

5.  national Chocolate day. Everyone  have a party and only eat chocolate all day. No cheating. Nothing healthy. 

6. National No Yo Gabba Gabba day. Yo has to return to their planet for a day so moms can have peace. Celebrate by finding the blasted ship and pulling the plug. 

Thats it, Visit Momdot for more, I should have just one more, Don't mae changes to your blog when you don't know what you are at 11

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