Monday, October 12, 2009

The wonders of Childhood make believe and Monday morn in Charleston

Monday Morning  it really looks and feels like fall in Charleston. Cloudy, a little cool and the leaves are vibrant.

So fall is here.

Tasha has gotten extra energy. She has discovered gymnastics, well sort of. She saw a little girl on TV flying and has now decided she will be a Gymnast. So i have been watching her fly off the sofa, through the air, and roll on the wood floors.
Needless to say her mom and I stay in prayer.

I like to remember when Denise and her siblings were little. they had imaginations that delighted me. I remember when they were about 7, 8 and 9 They all decised they were going to open an office they built desks in the basement out of boxes and each one had a desk.

Eric was the "owner" of the company and everyday for about a week they went down into the basement and "worked" I hadn't and still today haven't the faintest idea what they were working on, exactly, but they worked hard. They each sat at their desks, and talked on the phone mostly while writing stuff on paper.

Eric put on his suit and tie, the girls wore nice "work" clothes the office was quite busy.

I love imaginations  I hate the world ends up in reality and the kids have to find out life is not as it seems when you are little.

Tasha has a great imagination. She has an imaginary friend who goes everywhere with her. I like Little girl, because if I tell little girl she needs a nap then Tasha needs one to: its okay if little girl has to go first.

Today Tasha and Little girl have been singing yo Gabba Gabba songs, that hasn't been to pleasent because Little girl .I guess, sings off key, it can't be Tasha off key right?

Tasha's mom has started selling Avon and so Tasha has been delivering mail and selling AVON to me. I have received so much mail and brought so much AVON I  will own the company, Tasha's part anyway.

Isn't it sad kids have to grow up and find out life isn't perfect? Don't you wish your kids will always be as warm and safe as when you tuck them in at night?

And don't you wish they never had to learn that Reindeer don't fly, Cinderella didn't live happily ever after, and the reality of what happened to Bambi's mom?

Childhood. God says we should believe in him like a child believes, don't you wish we still could?
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