Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Faith hope and Charity but the greatest of these is love.

faith hope,  love and charity, of the three the greatest of these is love. That is what the Bible tells us..I hardly think you can have one without the other two, and the other two lead to the one. It is a wonderful thing that God puts things together for us.

I have been suffering from lack of blogging ideas  and so my blog has suffered. I am sorry for not being diligent. Tasha hasn't said to many cute things, and life has been calm, so what do you do when you haven't anything to say?

I went to the store today, and feeling like nothing exciting has happened to much in my life lately going to the store was  thrilling. Oh all right, may not thrilling, but it beat sitting at the computer typing for someone else so Denise asked me to pick up a diet pepsi for her and some Ice Cream , believe it or not I pretty much grabbed my purse and flew out of the house to Food Lion. Now what processed me to go to food Lion I don't know, I haven't had a good experience there in years, but still Food Lion it was, (I was too lazy to drive to Wal Mart) and proceeded to do my little shopping and got into the check out line.

Now let me ask you have you ever gone to a store and just picked up what you have gone after? No, well quite honestly neither have I and today was not an exception. Therein lies the problem, and you must remember I said flew out of the house.

First I got behind a man in a wheelchair who had three items, that was fine until we had been in line and his friend showed up with a basket full of items. "I'm with him," he said. and proceeded to get in front of me. I hate when this happens, what law says you can have a place holder in line, even if it is a little old man in a wheel chair? But we are supposed to be charitable right? I let it past and didn't even feel to upset. This is the Charity part.

 They proceeded to put their groceries on the belt, one at a time chatting in between so it took 20 minutes.
Then they didn't have enough money, so there was a big discussion about what they couldn't afford.the man behind me paid the rest of their bill and finally it was my turn.I had faith I was going to get out of there.

I put my little groceries on the belt, (remember I flew out of the house) and began to look for my wallet...which was at home next to the computer. All I had was Denise's three dollars and one dollar of that was change.  OOPS
I was very happy I hadn't been annoyed by the people ahead of me because if I had acted upset, this would have been twice as embarrassing. Good thing I showed love to those ahead of me, funny that was the first thing I thought about. .

I dug in my purse and had the food lion card, giving that to the cashier kept her busy for a couple of minutes, then I proceded to dig in my purse. Quarter by quarter, nickle by nickle and penny by penny I came up $1.74 cents short..which I pulled out my credit card that is stuck in the bottom of my purse for emergencies(forget it was there under a Avon book)  and charged 1.74 cents on the card. Whew. I was glad the man behind me didn't have to pay for me as well.

I crept out of the store. and ran into the men again blocking my car. Some days there is just justice.

The next time I go to the store I am remembering my Wallet I am not going to get upset by the people in front of me because you just never know when the person in line holding up the belt might be you.

It's great God told us about love. Some days you just have to show charity and some days it has to be shown to you......

I'm just sayin'

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