Tuesday, October 20, 2009

/charleston Early Morn and Cinderella....

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I am doing two memes this week, because I love memes Shortmama over at Family of shorts is starting one: she asks a question and we have to answer it..the question this week is:

What if the shoe didn't fit Cinderella

Well, it's simple actually. The poor girl had been scrubbing the floors all day, her feet were swollen beyond reconization. Being Prince Charming; the prince wasn't to smart but his mother the queen was. She put her arms around poor cinderella and quickly propped her feet up.

You see, the queen had been watching this whole little farce with the ball, lost shoes and the stepsisters very carefully.

Her worst fear was having to have tea once a week with the wicked  stepmother which was tradition in thir country so, she propped up Cinderella feet made her sit there for two hours  while she warmed up the glass slippers, (you know, glass expands! don't look at me like I am crazy) then, took the  shoe horn and forced her (cinderellas) size  7 feet into size 3 glass slippers. Showed her to the prince then whipped them off her feet before they shrank again.

The prince and cinderella lived happily ever after and the queen took her tea with Snow Whites stepmother who was just as wicked, but the 7 little men were somewhat entertaining especially the one who kept falling asleep.

The End
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