Sunday, November 22, 2009

Barbie, Rachel Ray, Tasha and growing up

Yesterday was Sunday, and it was cold rainy and yukky. The kind of Day I really like.

Tasha was sitting next to me watching television , she suddenly got up, took the TV Control, paused the show, went potty, came back and restarted the program. May I remind you good people, she is three.

Later I was on the computer, she was watching the food network, yes thats right, and kept coming out telling me how to make things they were showing, it wasn't clear mind you, but she had the idea. I had to check who she was watching and it was Rachel Ray. I shouldn't be surprised. She likes Sunny.

Time flies so quickly, I hardly can believe it. I remember when this child was helpless, I had to feed her, change her diaper, and practlly do everything else for her. Every day she amazes me.

She watched Barbie's Three Musketeer, a show so horribly historically incorrect. I am sure Alexander Dumas is not only turning in his gave, but shaking his fist at Disney while asking God for an Aspirin to stop the pain. still Tasha enjoyed it, I laughed at it and we had a good after noon. Now Tasha wants a sword to save her prince like the girls did in the movies.

so now i have to figure out how to make the sword.

I remember some years back whrn I was doing something similar for two other littles girls, one who has gone home to be with Jesus and another one who is Tasha's mother.

Cherish your minutes, Moms,  time Flees much to quickly.
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