Thursday, November 19, 2009

Dear Someone Thursdays

This is: Dear Someone Thursday's, brought to you by Family of Shorts, grab a pen or er, computer and write to someone you love. or don't love, and remember to link it to Family of shorts who is, BTW my first letter.

Dear shortmoma at Family of shorts..

I want to thank you for your friendships! It is a joy, to know you on FB as well as on Blogger. I look forward to your postings, even though I don't comment often a big no no in the blogging world, I will do better.
 about your food blog. It is fun, intersting, your recipes easy to do and they always come out for me.
STOP IT! You are making me fat.
Thank you
Your Friend
P.S Where are you? I went over to your place to link and you are not there, oh well I will post anyway and link later :)
Yours Truly

Dear Next door nieghbor on the left:

Thank you for feeding my cat. He now expect leftovers from my house as well as yours. I am poor, I don't have leftovers. Shall we just forget the whole thing and move him to your house? I can always get Tasha another cat.
I will deliver him tomorrow at 7pm, dinner time. No backsies.
Thank You

Dear boys no Men at the park who scared my 3 year old  nearly to death
I realize you both must not understand this,  if you see sand, swings, jungle gyms and brightly colored benches for parents to sit on it is called a childrens play area.

My daughter said from looking at you you were her age, in which case you didn't belong in that area in the first place

Did it not touch anything in your common sense or heart when that three year old ran crying in terror to her mom when you buzzed her, as she sat happily in the sand box, with your go carts.

Apparently not, because once her mom had her calmed down and convinced her it was safe to play, you did it again. And so she had to come home and give up her happy day.

She told me about it all night such was her level of discomfort, and when her mom threw you a look you acted as if you had not done anything wrong.
I wish you a happy thanksgiving and for the record here is something you

should really be thankful for:

That it was my daughter a kind and gentle soul at the park that day instead of me. I would have told you exactly what I thought, and called the police because you were in a unsafe area. You would have had a fat ticket to pay.
There are alot of people who will tell you not to mess with me, Shall I send you a list?

 Next time you are in the little children's play area, remember these small children belong here you don't, let me direct you to the area you belong There is an area in the park for Go carts it was outside the fence, please use it next time.
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