Thursday, November 5, 2009

A letter to someone

Every Thursdy We write a letter to someone! Join in the fun! Rant Rave or just have a good time!
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Letters to Someone
I had another letter written but am changing it...

Dear Soldier{s} who invaded one of our bases and shot our heros.

I am sorry you went to war and came back messed up. At least that is what the news is saying, and that is the excuse they are giving.
I have a friend who has been over there for  3 times, done some mighty things and has been seperated from his beloved family.

I had a brother who went to vietnam and fought and died for this country

I had another cousin who was peacefully guarding the the door of the Marine Baracks before a loaded truck dove through the door. He was the first to die.

Men go to war and come back and deal with it. I am sorry you couldn't. 12 people, PEOPLE, who were ready to do their duty will not get to. Their families lost them before they even left. They are mourning and should not be.

The world thinks we shuld feel sorry for you, I, as I usually do in these things feel sorry for the victims. These people did nothing to you and do not deserve their fate.

You were killed as well. for your family I grieve. They are also victims who do not deserve the future they are about to face either. I wish you were here to face it with them. You are not and they will face it alone.

It is a wonderful thing that God loves you as much as the lives you took, while you are talking to  Him this day, and you realize what you have done know he will forgive you, the rest of us will have to turn it over to Him.

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