Tuesday, November 10, 2009

So others may live


Tomorrow is veterans Day. Some of us just think of it as a day off, but it is actually a day to honor Veteran. and we all know that.

Recently I met a lady who is having a lot of problems at home, sick kids, a harrassing neighbor, her mother is ill, she is having to stand on her own two feet, alone handling the crisis. On top of everything else Fort Hood shook her up until she was in tears, she didn't have anyone there but it reminded her that her love was in harms way.

How do you handle it alone?

I am a loner, handling things on my own is just somthing I do. I had a husband when I was raising my kids but he was the kind who went to work, came home and watched TV he wasn't at all involved and everything that happened was my responsibility to fix.

I was luck I had the personality to do that, I still hve a take change and gt it done mnner. I have to check myself.

When we thin of the military we think of the men and women over seas. But we forget, their families serve right along with them

i asked my friend how her husband felt about these things happening and she was quick to tell me he didn't know, he has to concertrate on his own job. If he is worried about hom, he might make a mistake that is fatal.


So she is serving her own time, here waiting for his return.

God bless the enlisted men, and thier families because both are fighting for this country in different ways.
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