Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanks for the award, and other stuff Random Monday

On the days you feel the most down, are the days God intervenes to send someone to let you know you matter. 

I was coming off the High from the Nanowrino thing, when I woke up this morning and had a note from a friend that I had an award waiting. 

Me? Little ole me? I thought, Why no one even reads my blog..But yes someone does, and she thinks it is good! Wow! Thank you!

Romona is pretty awesome, she lives in Israel comes from Romania and has some pretty interesting life  experiences that she handles gracefully. I have great respect for her and just want to say Thank you Thank you Thank you. Ok no more fawning.  but Thank you!

I was thinking about the police in Seattle, imagine sitting there peacefully on your laptop then someone with a grudge on life or Seattles Finest and shot them. Image having to be the one to tell the families. 

the world has become a dangerous place, but strangely enough the first thing I thought of was: This isn't supposed to happen in America, it is supposed to happen in third world countries like Iraq, etc not here. But why should just the Israel have to worry? Why just  Baghdad parents? Why are they the only ones who have to worry about suicide bombers and such nonsense?

Then I thought, Why no here? What makes us different? We used to be. We used to have respect for authority, teachers, police, soldiers, the president, but we don't anymore. Well not all f us, a great many.

At what point in our lives did we stop caring so much about the value of life
that it became almost routine to take someone else's? 

Reading the Bible, it says that in the end days it will be fathr against son, mother again daughter, neighbor against neighbor, during the last days. I could almost believe that is where we are except...people are killing people for the fun of it.  You don't have to even know the person. 

If indeed we are in those times and i sincerely believe we are, then is there anything we can do but pray? 

But we continually ge out hearts broken, by mothers selling their 5 year old aughters into prostitution, fathers killing their sons and daughters, children being abused by the very people they trust to keep them safe, and wewatch it on TV but can do notheing. 

I don't believe God meant us to do nothing during these times, I am just not sure what he meant us to do.

What do you think? 

I finished the Nanowrino challenge and am still woking on the book. I am so into it, I don't want to say goodbye to the character. I have grown to like all of them, even the villians. Bored? Write a book!

Please pray fo the families of the Police, the familes of the soldiers, and our country. I'll tell you what, I'll pray for your family and you pray for mine.
If we can't do anything else we can get God working on this, don't you think?

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