Friday, December 4, 2009

Six Small Things Sat: Disney

It is time for Small talk Six so it must be Saturday. This week it is 6 Disney Characters you've found to be most interesting...

1. Dorie: I don't care for Ellen, But Dorie is me. I can't remember my name much less the name of my kids and me?  navigating the ocean, Forget it. I get lost going to Wal Mart.

2. D'Artgen the Three Musketeers Disney Version. He achieved his dreams.
Besides being adorable, at his age I would have ended up in his same mess.

3. Hector Zeobroni/ Zero in the movie Holes. A good kid from a bad background who was a good kid inside. Stood up for a friend, even though he put him in the jail in the first place and fessed up. Good movie good role model.

4. Prince Caspian: The Lion The Witch and the Wardrobe, The kings and Queens of Narnia got on my nerves but prince Caspian didn't. guess I am just for the underdog.

5. Petes Dragon - The Dragon of course.

6.  Ok, Everyone has to have a princess Cinderella, is the less annoying of them all and besides, thanks to her I always thought I was going to grow up and find my prince. I have the fireplace, and shes as well as the broom. Gt my glass slippers put away and I'm Waiting Cindy, don't let me down...
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