Saturday, December 19, 2009

Small Talk 6 regrifting

Well thank you to the mom at Momdot, this week meme is 6 gifts you have recieved and regifted...
Well I have never re gifted, but if I did Here are the six gifts I would have re gifted..

1. A beautiful watch given to me by my then husband that said "save the Whales" with a big whale on mind you I am all for saving the whales, and don't be offended if there are any save the whales members out there
But I am afriad it just was my thing, but I still have it in the attic or storge shed should you want me to re gift it...

2. A big can of popcorn by the same husband with deer on it, I like deer mind you just not with my popcorn.

3. a $10 mixer from the dollar tree....same giver  mixer broke down on the second use which happened to be that day when I was making Christmas dinner. I to couldn't compete with my nice big Kitchenaid mixer...I don't know why he give it to me when I had the other, so I didn't ask. Can't regift this one it died.

4. A pink, yes pink, HOT pink sweater from the mother of the above giver. I know where he got his gift giveing skills from

5. A crystal's cute I kept it, Eric broke it, end of story. Well he was only 5,  I should have given it to a more derserving home.

6. A gift basket from Swiss Colony...I was really excited..but it turned out it was regifted to me by the giver because she didn't like fruit cake, since it was already a year old and who knew how many years before then..I didn't regift it. It did make a wonderful door stop in a pinch.

I guess this turned out to be more of how many uh, strange gifts your recived ..I do have a post planned for that..

And so it goes...
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