Friday, December 18, 2009

Tweeting and the sudden loss of a child

A mom of a two year old is tweeting to her peeps. Then she notices her toddler is missing and goes looking for him. Unfortunetly she finds him, at the bottom of the pool. It is too late to save him.

This mom is one of my followers and I follow her on Twitter, and when she tweeted after the incident I knew she was looking for comfort from her friends, I cried for her and prayed,  instead  from others, she got hatred, rude remarks, judgmental attitudes.

Twitter is your usual crazy world, everyone knows what is best for you, even though thier lives may be in a mess. It is easy to see what the other person did wrong.

No it isn't.

This is a tragedy of hugh proportions. This mom not only has given up her husband to the Air Forces, she has now lost a child and must feel horribly alone. None of those who feel it necessary to berate here, can feel her pain. You have to belong to a special club for that. I belong to that club. It is called, The lost of a child.

The first thing she did was think, "If only I hadn't been on Twitter.."

Then thousands of people were only happy enough to reinforce her guilt and make her feel worse.

We always know what is best for someone else, we are a quick group to blame, to judge, it is too bad really, we are not quick to show love and compassion.

To show forgiveness.

Every child who has drown in a pool it is because a parent did not lock the gate, innocently turned her back for three seconds to answer the phone, turn off the water, chicken on another child do a million other things that intrude on our vigilance

I don't know what we can d about this, but making the mother feel worse isn't it.

I feel sorry for this mom, and I pray for her. Can you do the same?
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