Thursday, December 17, 2009

Dear Somebody Thursday!

Dear Somebody:
Here we are just a few ways until Christmas and I still haven't the Chrismas spirit. May be these letters will help. This is brought to you by Shortmama at the family of shorts Make sure you run over there and see the other fun posts.

Dear Soldier, Marine, Sailor fighter pilot, PJ, all of you serving in areas all over our country:
I under stand there are 369,000 of you in 150 countries all over the world: Tha means that one million plus father, mothers, wives, sweethearts, children, nieces, nephrews and, well you get the picure, are celebrating Chrismas with out you.

I am truly sorry.

But, I have to say, I am so proud of you, and so glad that you were willing to do your duty and go over there so we can safely celebrate here.
I know the government will supply you with a wonderful meal, but it is not mom's home cooking and the person sitting beside you may be you very best friend, it is not a loved one.
Thank you for doing this.
We are praying for you to be safe. Thank you is not enough for what you have sacrificed and what you are going throuhg, because Christmas comes one day a year, but, you are still facing combat, you are still "In Harms Way," and conditions still suck. Sorry for the language.

There are Americans here who care, i am one of many and though we can't make things any better, (I would if I could) please know that you are sitting at our table in spirit and we are thinking about you.

We appricate you fighting for truth justice and the American way ( all right thats suprman, but to me you are all supermen and women)
I appreciate your sacrifice and your families

I pray for the hardships to be alievated,

I pray for the violence to be little and the images to be soft.
I mostly pray for you to come home safe and your family to never have to visit Arlington.
I hope Santa is good to you.
God Bless,
A citzen

Dear Families who are not having a Christmas this year:

My heart is broken for you. We are not having a big dinner, but it breaks my heart that you are not having. I know it is hard to watch television commercials, and see tv programs and movies with happy families having happy Christmases.

Trust me this is an allusion, everyo has problems, you see I was like you when I was little, I never had a real or so called real Christmas until I was grown up, but I used to walk around and watch familes having real Christmas and feel sorry for myself. I thought everyone was happy except for me. Not True!
Christmas is about Jesus, and how much he loves you. If you are sitting in a car, I know you are having a hard time believeing he does, and you feel as if he has deserted you.

No, he hasn't. He still loves you, but there are things like free will and our decisions that he refuses to interfere in and this is why when we make bad decisions instead of just letting God control us we have to take the consequence. God will never inerfere in our lives or our will will.

I hope next year is better, the wonderful thing is, yousee, there is always a next year. and as long as you have tht you have hope, and you know what? That comes from God.

If I see you, I am going to give you some food to help you, but If I don't I will be praying for someone like me to come by, and I pray for your safety, peace and health
God Bless

Dear Tasha:
I recieved your list. Did I tell you Santa is on strike?
Love Nanny

Dear Santa:
Waiting for my computer, please hurry

Dear lady Denise brout Dora Back pack from on EBAY located in HongKong
Where is it????!!!!!!

Dear everyone else:
Happy last 6 shopping days until Christmas, try not to trample anyone or be trampled on. Especially if you are in Wal mart, BTW who goes to Walmart on the last 6 shopping days before Christmas?????????!!!!!!!!!
Never mind, you deserve what happens to you, you Nut.
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