Thursday, December 24, 2009

And today is...

I am sitting here at the computer, with the TV in the background and it is begining to annoy me all of the ways the broadcasters are being very careful not to say 'Merry Christmas". I here Happy Holidays, and best wishes have a good day off....but not Merry Christmas. 

I do hear Happy Kwanzaa and Happy Chanukah's, at least, I suppose, that is something. I hear a broadcaster say something about the spirit of the season, what is the spirit of Happy Holidays? Maybe I am stupid about this whole thing.  

Do people who do not say , Merry Christmas, sit around a Happy holiday tree and open happy holiday presents? Do they use generic presents with genertic paper and read, A holiday carol, instead of a Christmas Carol? I have to laugh a bit. People are so busy not celebrating christmas they really are missing the fun and the spirit of the season. It has to be stressful to be so politically correct all the time, and that takes a chuck of fun out of the whole thing.  

I wish you all a Merry Christmas, a Happy Chaunkah, a very happy Kwanzaa (I confess ignorance on this day, but enjoy it if it is your day) and while you are celebrating these days, you know what let me have a Merry Christmas. You see, what you do not understand is this it is not the holiday I worship, i is the Child and saying Happy Holiday is not going to erase HIS birth and I am still going to celebrate it no matter what you call it. God bless you all....
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