Saturday, June 12, 2010

Stressed??? Me?

Small talk Six  is one of my favorite weekly memes, so it is a good way to get back into blogging.This week is especially on is Six Sure Signs you are stressed.


1. You buy two pints of Ben and Jerry's just for you.

2. You eat the two pints of Ben and Jerry's in 30 minutes

3. The kids ask you "Whats for Dinner, Mom?" and you just sit there giving them a very evil and mysterious smile.

4. You are playing catch with the kids and throw the ball so hard you son has to catch a bus to retrieve it.

5. Your husband comes home from work and says, How's you day sweetie and you grab him by his shirt shouting What do you mean by that????

6. You walk around the house muttering  and even the cat runs from you.

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