Saturday, June 26, 2010

Tasha and the Mountian

Everyone was gone this afternoon, so Tasha and I were having dinner alone. Tasha ia a great conversationalist. Her mom recently brought her a new WII (Well, I am not sure if the WII was for Tasha or mom and Uncle Eric)
Anyway, she spends hours playing it She will forget to eat, forget everything just so she can bowl.

She is very good at too. She actually beat Uncle Eric by Three points one day.

Back to today. Today we were having dinner, she had been upstairs playing a game about mountain climbing, so in the middle of chatting about normal everyday 4 year old things, she brok e in and told me:
"Nanny the people on the mountain went to jail,?"
Startled, I look up and said "What people?"
The people on the mountain.
What were you watching?
She signed the heavy sighof a 4 year old who is totally misunderstood by  in her life, and patiently explained to me she was not watching TV, she was playing a game.

Ohhhhh. Silly Me.

She went on to tell me a story of two people who went to the top of the mountain, and fell down. the police came and took them to jail.

I stopped her. "Jail Why?"

Because, she sign tiredly, they didn't follow directions, that why they fell.

Okay, make sense.

 The gist of the story was the boys fell down the mountain , then they went to jail because they did not follow directions. Her imaginary friend got them out of the, the policeman gave them all candy int he end.

"What did you do after, theat?" I asked her
"I went home,. I was tired

Did you go to bed?

No, I had Cake.

then she was up and off on another track.
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