Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Hermie Whose in Charge anyway? Book Review

I am not really a big fan of bugs. Not any of them. I never felt ladybugs were cute, although certainly necessary. Nor, was I ever enthralled with spiders, flies or other small creatures; even when dressed up to be cute on a children’s video.
However I had faith in Max Lucado, so I guessed that his bugs must be different. They were not. The lesson they taught were.
Whos in charge anyway gives a terrific lesson on growing up and learning who you are and your role in life.
Freddy the Flea feels terribly unimportant, especially when all of his friends seem to be brave, and know just what to do. Why is a flea created he wonders?
So, he does what we all should do when wondering about such things, he talks to God.
“Even an ocean starts with a drop of water, Freddy” God tells him then goes on to show him how his friend whom he envies have gotten to the point in their lives by experience, trial an error. All of the strengths of course comes from Him. He is in Charge.
Max Lucado teaches a marvellous lesson in a creative way. Although most of the DVD is filled with scenes from previous stories, the subject is well thought out as well as easy to understand.
I watched the DVD with my four year old granddaughter. She enjoyed it immensely, but more importantly; she had questions after it was over.
It made a impression, she enjoyed it and was interested in learning more. Thats the big three to me in children’s video. For that reason I give Hermie:Whos in Charge anyway a big thumbs up.

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