Monday, June 21, 2010

Birds, Storms and a Charleston Afternoon.

Yesterday, a giant storm came out of nowhere. One minute it was calm without a breeze, then suddenly the sky was lit up with lightening as wind, not a breeze, wind whipped across the lake. The tranquil lake now had waves, it was as if we were transported from sitting in our living room to  ocean side.

We watched as the water rose up and down going from side to side in waves,  trees on the side of the lake bent to meet the waves as if the welcoming the water to the shore.

Denise tapped me on the should and pointed to a bird. The bird was trying to make it to the dock, flying against the wind. He made it a few inches, then was pushed back. At one pointhe was thrust into the water, and fought vigorously to become airborne again. WE found ourselves rooting for the bird.

"Come on, you can make it," we whispered feeling pretty silly but still wanting the little guy to succeed.

He made it airborne flying painfully  to the dock. We had not noticed that about ten other birds were clustered at the edge of the dock watching their friend. Were they cheering him on in bird talk?
  It certainly seemed as if they were, because they welcomed him with open uh, wings and ushered him onto the safety of our dock.

The wind and rain continued. Evey once in a while a test bird was sent out to see if he could get the heroic journey across the lake. Each time he was pushed back. The birds would walk away with their heads down.

Denise and I spent a little time observing the birdsthey Huddled in small groups, casting furtive glances out to the water and to the sky. They kept trying they did not give up at all.

One bird only made it about two feet from the dock, landed in the water with a plop so loud we heard it.

The other birds watched him struggle for a moment then one took off and proceeded to help his friend. When he was steady, they both begun to fly back, but the friend who came out to help was hit by a gust of wind and down he went. He made it to the group, not without great difficulity however.
Denise and I cotinued to watch this drama for about two hours. 

Finally two of them took off in opposite directions, both made it so the rest, after deep consultation,


Now you are expecting a point, or summation to pull all of this together form a spiritual point.

There is not one.

It is a story for your own interpretation. I was amazed at the resilience of the birds.

How the little creatures fought for what they wanted, to get home. What a community they had.

So its just recollection of a Sunday afternoon in Charleston SC.I hope you enjoyed it.
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