Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rise Women

Are you yearning to find your life's purpose, live with passion and be prosperous? Do you trust it is time for you to take 
the next step in your authentic, personal journey ... for yourself, your business, your community and the whole world? 

Can you imagine what would begin to happen if we journeyed together... with purpose, passion and strategy? 

If you are a woman who inspires or wants to be inspired, mark your calendar for a star-studded, ground breaking LIVE event 
designed especially for women. It's called RISE! and happens 
Oct 7-10, 2010 in Beverly Hills. 

Meet like-minded women for face-to-face connections that can make a difference on personal, professional, local, and 
global levels... 

Meet women like you who are accomplished and committed, world class experts and celebrity women who are making a difference. 
Have fun, make friends, and discover how you too can RISE to a new level in your life. Truly, this experience is ABSOLUTELY 
something you won't want to miss. 

I encourage you to make this year the one for getting what 
you want by networking with other powerful thought leaders. 
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