Sunday, October 24, 2010

The search for the Dress

As all of you well know, we (Denise and I) have been searching for the perfect wedding dress for her. We have come across some very interesting dresses for brides and for bridesmaid.

Now I am now a judgmental person, but I think this one is well, not quite Denise's style.

A couple of the dresses left me totally clueless as to what the wedding theme may have been.

While some were almost perfect, but not quite

Others left us pondering: What were you thinking???????

As well as feeling sorry

and even sorrier for the bridesmaids. I hope they are still friends.

Oh my.....

and so as we continue to sear and wonder about it all, I am reminded of a saying I saw in front of a church once:

Now ain't that the truth
stay tuned
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