Friday, October 22, 2010


Good Morning

I was awakened this morning by my phone rining and somebody asking for "Nakisia" in a heavily accented Arab Voice. after shaking myself awake, deciding it probably was not a terrorist trying to destroy America by making sure none of us got any sleep, (too much Brad Thor and Tom Clancy)
I politely told the voice they had the wrong number:to which it replied" Americans!" and hung up.

Maybe I was wrong. It was definitely someone determined to make sure I had a bad day and take my joy away.

I made a conscious decision to ignore the call, pick up my Bible and read.

A lot of what our day is or our life is Attitude. and there are a lot of Attitude stealers out there. Don't let them steal your Joy.

Today, Tasha and I are going for a walk to gather Autumn leaves. We are doing a collage for Fall. She is doing great in her work for school. I finially got her to acknowledge there is a color other then pink,. and she can draw something other then circles and people. I love homeschool.

May the Lord keep the joy stealer's out of your life today.
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