Sunday, October 17, 2010

In the Beginning

On March 9th 1982, I woke up with more energy then I have had in a long time.eight  and 1/2 months into my pregnancy; I have a whopping two weeks to go to my due date. 

Totally ignorant of  the mysteries of childbirth, I mean the real realities, I read joy through natural childbirth, and books like that.  these books were relativity accurate except they choose not to mention a small little tidbit.  Well several actually,  they are 
 A. Babies come when they are ready not the doctor says i.e. all due dates are bogus 
B. husbands, even though they were fathers before they met you don't have a clue as to how their ex wives popped out their little ones and 
C. having a baby HURTS. Everyone seems to ignore the pain factor. 

And no, I don't want to hear about the pioneer women who served breakfast, cleaned up, had a baby and was picking cotton right after lunch. This women is a myth, made up by husbands,  and if you are a young women expecting a child I am telling you that right now. Believe it.  

Anyway, I cleaned the house top to bottom. Even washed windows, made a fabulous dinner fort he man, who came home peeked my forehead and went to his bowling league. 

I spent the night Dancing with myself to old music, and one song kept playing a 1963 Song

So I exhausted myself  nd went to bed. Waking up just long enough to say good night to Wally and find out he had bowled a 200 game. It was a good night for both of us.
some o'clock in the morning I woke up to go to the,uh,restroom and found myself in a pool of water. I wasn't sure what that meant, but I didn't this it was good. I asked Wally, he sleepily turned over and said it wasn't time yet so don't worry.
Famous last words, I worried. He, finally totally annoyed with me for not listening to him, told me to call the emergency room, He snuggled back under the covers totally confident the doctor would tell me the same thing he had been telling me. . He didn't, what he told me was to get into the emergency room, like 2 hours ago. I did, dreamily imagining, that March 10, 1982 was going to be Dennis or Denise's birthday.

Can you say, Naive? No one mentions, uh, labor.

Labor hadn't started so they gave me a few hours to start on my ow, then they induced. At 4:30 am I began labor and was put in prep room. I read readers digest through the first hour, watched Donahue the second part, as well as the soaps I haven't watched before, left the hospital hooked on Another world and General. hospital, I actual went to Soap Opera rehab later on in life.

The last part of labor, I wasn't watching anything I was simply screaming..then miraculousness at 8pm they decided they needed to perform a C section..because I was dilating (you couldn't have decided earlier?) all I knew was after hours of pain, a quick prick of a needle I wasn't feeling any pain, but amazingly I was holding a squalling baby who was apparently mad at heck for being forced into a cold impersonal world, when she had tried her best to stay where she was.

She fussed at me some time, but finally settled down. I remember holding her and not wanting to let her go.
the staying awake until they brought her back in.

So on March 11, angry as all get out she came into the world; now we are planning her wedding. I remember the day she was born in relation to the day she will be married and all she has gone through before.
this time.

I pray for a blessing for her, Thank God for the honor of being her mother. Now on to the wedding.
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