Saturday, July 23, 2011


Tasha is five. She lets you know this too, Should I make the mistake of calling her a little girl, she lets me know how off base I truly am. "I'm FIVE" Nanny," she remarks indignantly "I am not a little girl" So shes not. I think she is not. She is going to school in a few weeks. She is excited about things like losing her first tooth. Meeting new kids and being terribly grown up.

It is toxic to watch the animation and sad to know there isn't any going back. They grow up and up from her. The days of Yo Gabba Gabba, and princesses which all seem so frightfully reductive now; will go away. Some day on the whisper of a child dancing through the house singing "Rise and Shine and Give God the Glory Glory," or" Free Fallin" will pass.

Tasha new hobby is checking the Nick Jr website to see what is coming on next. "See Nanny," she will say pointing at the computer screen. "Dino Dan is next," and she will bounce off the computer chair and run to the TV to confirm the  computer and website are quite correct. And usually it is.Sometimes it is not. Then her world is shattered and we have to put it back together again. The computer is always supposed to be correct, isn't it.

No, It's not.

And other things in her life that are not fair and predictable are about to happen.

I hope we prepared her for the real world.

I hope she makes lots and lots of friends

I hope no chld is mean to her, i woud hate to have to beat up their parents.:)

Mostly I hope nothing steals her childhood. I hope she enjoys every single minute of it.

wish her
sitting back waiting for the next milestone
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