Saturday, August 13, 2011

Walmart's Parking Lot

Who would consider sitting in the parking lot of Walmart would give you time for reflections? Certainly not I. The main reason I was sitting there at all was, I had a massive headache and Denise had to shop for Tasha's school clothes.

Sitting, there, feeling terribly sorry for myself, because I could not be in the store spending my money, I began to see things around me. So, I shook off the vestiges of self pity, and rummaged through Denise's glove compartment for a book. Finding one of her romance novels, (A genre I detest but she loves) I figured things could not get any worse. A book is a book and I'd appreciate it for a minute, just to pass the time.

So I settled in and turned the first page, but something through the windshield caught my eye.

A new mother, with a tiny baby was trying to balance the child and unload groceries at the same time. It appeared she was having a hard time, with both. I started to get out of my car and offer assistance, but I was beat by a fresh faced, blonde teenager. He was no more than 16 or 17 probably brand new license on his first or second driving trip, he hopped out of his parents carit was a van) and deftly support the new mom. Without speaking he deftly picked up her groceries and carefully placed them in her trunk, then went on his way, with a wave of his hand not waiting for thanks.

The tired mom looked relieved a where a frown was on her face there was a smile. I watched all of this in interest and started observing the parking lot.

Why, I wondered, do people at a Walmart always shop in groups? I saw car after car pull up all four doors open and moms, dads, kids grandparents pile out and head into the market.

Shopping Walmart I decided must be a family affair.

Every car had multiple people. A family next to me Mom, Dad Three kids and grandma, climbed out of the van. Mom and grand ma huddled together as they walked into the store Planning their shopping trip. the kids chattered excitedly I heard  "toys" and "video" mentioned more than once. Dad,just headed determinedly toward the store, His mind elsewhereOerhaps sports or automotives?

The summer breeze drifted through the open window as I laid my head back onto the seat and closed my eyes. All around me was the sound of cars slamming, children voices, happy families going into or coming out of the store.

And not so happy families. I heard the little girl before I saw her, crying as if her heart had split in two over one item she had wanted and not gotten. "Please Mom, " she entreated her Mom, "Pleeeaaase dad," fell on deaf ears. Mom and dad were engaged in deep conversation with mom every once in a while saying absently, "You're gonna get it if you do not stop crying" a Threat made and not fulfilled apparently often enough that the child continued sobbing undaunted. Until the groceries and assorted packages were unloaded into the car, and everyone was settled in ready to ride.

Apparently this was the point, the child knew there wasn't any going back, and so I watched a the car backed out and the child settled back in his seat, still pouting but quiet and moving on to other things.

Kids are amazingly resilient. I wonder how many times he had made it to the car, then had one of his parents relent on him? He knew them well.

I could not say anything, I have told Tasha "No!" in haste and because of my lousy mood;then felt incredibly bad enough to go back into the store to purchase the item. However she knows, crying is the way not to earn something from Nanny.

On the flip side a little one who got what she wanted was happily playing with her precious new toy, jumping up and down , Her mom while talking on the phone kept saying. "Stop It! I am going to give you one in a minute.." Then go back to talking on her cell phone Grasping a bag in one hand, her phone in the other. Every once in a while, shifting the phone and sternly admonishing, "I am going to give you 2 in a minutes.. and on and on, only she and God knowing the magic number when she would actually deliver uh whatever one and two were. The little girl and her new doll arrived at the car without receiving one two

All of these people will end up in wall mart, meet up with other friends and family who are shopping and it becomes a family a social event.

What have you Ever noticed when shopping at Walmart?

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