Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Reading Sundays Paper on Tuesday

Yes, that is what I am doing. I am sitting on the porch waiting for Tasha's bus, reading Sunday's paper.
I have gotten so far behind in what is going on in the world, I decided to sit down and read the paper to catch up, and of course go though the ads.
I  can see most of your faces. The Newspaper? Why don't you just go to the website of the newspaper and choose the stories you want to read?  Get through it much quicker. Click  Click and you are done. It is a waste of money to read an actual newspaper.

Well,  I understand all of that, I truly do. But, did you know there are articles int he paper that aren't on the web? Yep. There is. How would I know about Miss Amie over in Summerville losing her  Dachshund? Nope that kind of news doesn't make the web. 

OK so that is boring. When I was a child, we were very very poor. The Sunday ads were the highlight of my week. My Grandmother and I would splurge a quarter (yes a quarter, Hush)  and buy the paper then she would let me have the ads.

I would very carefully go through and look at all of the beautiful things in the ads, things I would never have.

In Palo Alto, California in this time period, (thought I was going to tell, huh?) There wasn't a Walmart, or a Target. No. There was Macy's,  Nordstrom  Mervyns (forerunner of Target) all wonderful stores with fancy clothes and shoes. Pretty smelling perfume in fancy bottles.

"What shall we buy?" My grandmother would say and with that we would go through the ads. I would find a pretty dress and smooth it out, and carefully sit it next to me. Some day, I was going to own all of these beautiful clothes. Nice Furniture that was not hand me downs, or from the second hand store.

And food. On a budget of  25 dollars a week, we ate a lot of peanut butter, tuna. Going through the groceries ads. My eyes would bulge with the wonderful food on sale.
I used to love to look at the meats, we had meat so seldom, hamburger was dream to me. Chicken. Special things, like cookies, cakes and chips. I would cut coupons to save for the time we had the money to buy such wonderful things.

The time did come, many many years later.  I had my first full time job in the  summer of my junior year. Up to then I had only babysat, an that money went for school supplies and buying clothes at the
But in my junior year5, I got a job at IBM as an Intern, when the intern program was still going on.
With my first pay check, I brought the Sunday paper. We went through and cut out the ads, then we carefully gathered up the ones we could afford and purchased them. Them. What a wonderful shopping trip this was.
It didn't matter it wasn't from Macy's or the big name store. What mattered  was, we actually brought somethings new and from the Sunday paper. We went to Sears. But that was ok.

Today the Sunday paper still has a lot of meaning to me. I can't afford a lot of things in there still, but sometimes it makes me remember of those Sundays, when going through the ads was a dream of tomorrow and things to come.

So you see, reading the Sunday paper on the web, just wouldn't work for me.  Even if I don't have time to read the Sun day paper on Sunday, It just isn't a good week until I do read it. So Today, I am reading Sundays paper on Tuesday.

I don't think Grandma, minds.

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