Wednesday, December 18, 2013


This time of the year is plagued with shopping, wrapping, making a list, checking it twice then, gonna find out who's naughty or nice...then  in my case leaving it on the counter in the kitchen while shopping.

Still the season has a mystery to it. We have this year, tried really hard to keep the magic in Christmas for Natasha.

The problem with public schools is the assortment of kids, that love Santa, those who don't believe anymore  and those who are just plain mean and would like to spoil any ones magic.

Those are the hardest ones for me. What makes a second grader so mean he wants to destroy every ones fun?

In this day of wars, hungry children, school shootings, and all. How do you keep the magic in Christmas and the world outside away from you home, just for a second.

Enter the Elf on the Shelf

Aside from being the most lucrative and creative idea since Donner and Blitzen, it is also a great way to make kids believe.

The premise is this:(in case you haven't heard) Santa can't be everywhere. Lord knows, he has plenty to do making toys, shopping Walmart, and delivering to 50 billion good boys and girls all on Christmas eve. So, He dispatched to all of the kids in the world, an elf. the Elf comes without a name, so the child  names him or her and doing this they bond.

The Elf flies in every day while his charge is sleeping, and takes up position in the house so he can watch the little imp.

Then in the middle of the night, he flies back to Santa with a report. Naughty or nice..notes and everything.

This takes immense pressure off the parents who, of course, with all they have to do to help Santa out sometimes forget to report to him. A child could accidently end up with coal in his stocking if we are not the Elf eliminates such oversights and the child's good name is secured or not, depending.

This year, we have a new elf. Last years Elf met his demise via Uncle Eric, tasha sweated it out thinking she wasn't going to get an elf...but lo and behold Santa took pity and Bella was there sitting on a picture when we returned from Virginia after Thanksgiving.

Fancy that.

Last years Elf sat on a shelf, or quietly under the tree and was quite manageable. this Elf, not only is directionally impaired, but likes to collect goodies as he lands. This being very apparent, as he sits in my chandelier holding Tasha's ornament and Denise's earrings. Up to now he has only pilfered food items. We are  watchfully waiting to see if these goodies go on a trip to the North pole or stays behind.

The fun thing is this. Tasha wakes up every morning looking for her elf, and squeals with delight when she finds what mischief they have gotten into. The real thing is, for at least one year more, she believes in the magic of Christmas.

Everyone in her class has one (except one student whose mom wants to keep a firm grip on the reporting herself) and through second grade they can share again what these adorable little creatures can do.

Now we are not at all advocating taking Christ out of Christmas, this of course is THE most important part of the holiday.

But remember when Santa, Elf and reindeer filled your mind at Christmas. the belief that you could wish for anything you wanted and Santa would magically make that wish come true?

I hate to think of that magic leaving to soon. the world has become such an ugly place at times, I would like our kids to believe, just for a short time everything will be ok....booboos can still be healed with a kiss and Santa is watching for good boys and girls.

 Today all of our area of Charleston was thrown into a tizzy because someone, that had nothing better to do called in a bomb threat to our local Good Will store. Everything was in a frenzy, roads closed, schools on lockdown and life was disrupted for an afternoon.

Why? today was a day of Christmas parties, and  exchanging gifts as school gets ready to close for two weeks. Why does the ugliness  of the world have to invade everything? I think of the parents at Sandy hook last year, and I think "when did it get so...saying good by to your kids every morning could be the last time you see them?

Still I want the magic to go on. I want Children to believe in the magic of  Christmas, because if that becomes to hard to believe in...can we succeed in making them believe in the Child? The one whose birthday this really is? the one who really watches over them and loves them unconditionally, their Savior.

His magic is the ultimate magic of the universe.

So today, Bella enlisted a friend. Tasha's snowman and helped him

So today, Bella enlisted a friend. Tasha's snowman and helped himself to a lunchable and settled in my Kerig.Wonderful story to share at school Me I drank water.

May all kids young and old, just remember to believe.

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