Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Anatomy of a shopping trip

We decided to run  to Target  quickly on Saturday. I needed a couple of screws for my desk, Denise wanted to look over storage containers.  I wanted to be home by 12, I admit one of my flaws in life is the fact that I am a Saturday western  nut. Left over from my childhood, Saturdays and Rawhide just go together.
Molly and Sasha buckled carefully in the car.
So we piled in the car, the trip was going to take less then an hour. Right?
Now, I used to work retail and you would think I would know better, but I didn't.
Target places right before you, as you walk in the door a women s' 2nd worse failing.
The dollar counter. I mean, a dollar? Who in their right mind can resist. So we  stop, just for a minute. We just want to look over, what was  there.
20 minutes and 10 dollar later, we moved on.

Now you have to wonder what genius, and it had to be a man, decided to put ladies,  clothing, purses and oh yes! scarfs next. right there, taunting us.  Of course we needed to look over the new scarfs, and what came in last week we missed.

It had, after all been several weeks since i had been to Target. I just had to check things out, all right?
In the Store.
So, made the fatal stop. We left that area with, a new wallet for me (well, I had been needing one) scarf for Deni and some other items we shan't mention.
The whole point is, there were still 6 more departments ahead of us and each one was uh, enticing.
 Going to any store is a challenge. they are laid out just perfectly, and Deni and I are, yes, shoppers.

Did we find what we were looking for,? well, eventually.  and some things I needed for my office.
No, I really did.
Natasha was busy helping us choose and make a list for her birthday( next month) ....and well we left Target at two pm and I was $133 dollars lighter (still no screws) and Denise was $98 dollars lighter with almost everything she came in for, and just a wee bit more.

We were going to have to stop at Lowes to get my screws, so we hustled out and went on our way.
Lowes is a good store for women. We headed to the screw aisle purchased six screws and one Coke, one water and one Coke Zero. Sigh

Oh well, I guess we were lucky to get out of That store only $7.98 cents lighter.
The important thing is: I made it  home in time to see Rawhide, Denise took a nap and Tasha put her babies to sleep. They were  exhausted.

A good day was had by all.

On the way home.

 Sunday's sermon was on managing your money. Do you think God was watching?
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