Thursday, January 2, 2014

It's always the one you don't see coming

Once upon a time there were two countries.  They fought all the time. There was not a minute of peace between these two countries. One country lived on one mountain, the other country lived on another mountain and there was a deep valley in between. The valley was so deep, you could hardly see the other side when you were in the valley, so both countries tried to avoid the valley
. One day a big huge giant of a man came out of hiding and told his countrymen he would put and end to this. He had walked many many miles to get into the battle and he was ready. His countrymen were more then willing to let him so they stepped back and told him to go for challenge the other country. He did. He walked all the way down into the valley, and even when he was at the deepest part of the valley his height was half way up the mountain.

"Hey!" he yelled to the other country, send your best warrior out to fight me!! Lets settle this once and for all!!
The people looked down and shook in fright of the towering giant. The giant laughed and went back to his country, and was back the next day. As a matter of fact the giant returned to challenge them every day for forty days and still had no takers.

On the 40th day, a young boy was bringing lunch to his brothers. He heard tales of the giant, then he heard the giant himself make his challenge.

"I'll take him on, the boy said. Everyone thought he was crazy but no one argued. The soldiers tried to give the boy their best bows and arrows, and press their best swords into his hands but he refused. The boy ran to the river ,picked out five smooth stones and tucked away his slingshot.

His brothers told him goodbye and assured him they would tell their parents how brave he he walked down that hill.

The giant laughed, "You send a boy to challenge me"... "I'm Insulted"
and he laughed and laughed.

He didn't see it coming, the stone I mean, it hit its mark and the giant fell. So great a fall they say, it shook the earth. And David walked into history, powered by God. 
Some times the valley is deeper than others, the way out is much higher.

But, today lets  remember That valley's are meant to be climbed out of, not into. Do we think Jesus never had any Valleys?  No ones valley was deeper than the one Jesus faced on the day we call Good Friday.

So whatever valley you are looking up from, I wish you well. Who ever your Goliath is get your stones ready.

I wish you five stones to beat them. For the victory of course is already won for us, the battle has been fought.

You still have to get  the grandchild Christmas things,. Things are so expensive these days, you  are holding out for sales. Real sales, the markdown 50 percent stuff. You know. The ones that hit on Christmas Eve?. You,  like most families are short on money this Christmas. This is one of the Gliath's you see.

It's the one you don't see coming that gets you. You didn't  see being unemployed coming, it just happened. You know how it is:

You are looking for a promotion, and suddenly you are out of a job instead. Downsizing they call it. 

You are thinking you have muscle pain, and suddenly it's cancer.

A child's cold turns into something much more serious. You are never looking for it.

But strangely enough, someone knows it's coming, and He is the one who walks you out of the valley into the sun and ready to face your next Goliath.

So this New Year remember the joy that we celebrated a shot week ago. 
 Put your Goliath at the foot of the cross, and walk out of your valley. Remember We celebratethe  season of his birth, but the truth is for He has Risen, and by his stripes we are healed.

 When you are blindsided by the one you didn't see coming, don't panic think Call on your best friend. remember, if He suffered the cross for us, what more do we need other then to grasp His scarred hands and hold on. 
Keep the Faith
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