Friday, January 24, 2014

Over heard in the back seat...Carpooling and just Stuff

Tasha's most prized possession from Christmas was her loom and her rubber bands. They went everywhere with her, and her American Dolls. Over her winter break, she decided she wanted to learn how to make a special design and looked it up herself on the computer. She spent hours drawing the design, and practicing making the bracelet.

Yesterday, after playing with her treasure at inside recess, they were taken  out of her backpack. In  her classroom.

How do you explain to a seven year old, Life isn't fair or safe..even in your own classroom?

Her teacher backed her up, and her friends surrounded her with promises they would buy her a new loom, "if hers didn't show up" Still, that was a hard pill for even me to swallow.

I remember show and tell, do you? We didn't even worry about leaving our things on our desk. It would be there when we returned. When did it become the rule that second graders had to learn so early about life's unfair side? AND..what second grader has the presence of mind to steal from a classmate and hide it so well the teacher could not find the item, after doing a full class search?  Scary, if you ask me. Then you have to think...What second grader could want a toy so very badly he would take it from a classmate? What type of suffering has he endured?  You have to feel sorry for the taker, and the takee-both are feeling pain right now.

As my kids tell me I have been telling them since apparently they were 5 minutes old: "Life is not fair".

Meanwhile: Heard in the backseat...

We carpool mornings with one of Tasha's classmates. It is interesting to sit back and listen to conversations taking place behind me. And well, as was once told to us: Kids say the darndest things

 For instance:

Tyler: God is an angel, you know.

Tasha: Really?

Tyler: Yep and he has lots of other angels around him.

Tasha: but I thought Jesus was God's son?

Tyler nods knowingly. Yep, Jesus is an Angel too,

Tasha: Do you know why Jesus was born in a


Tyler: no room at the Inn?

Tasha. Noooo SATAN wouldn't let them stay at the end, so they went out to the stable.

Tyler. Oh right.

Me:   Did you two know that Satan was an Angel? Who can tell me why he got booted out of Heaven?

Tyler: So he could start his own country for bad people.

Face it kids are just plain honest.

Natasha: It looks like it is going to rain.

Tyler: I am not afraid of thunder.

Tasha  Neither am I, my Nanny told me when it thunders the angels are bowling in heaven.

Tyler:  that's not true.

Tasha: Yes it is, and the lightening is when they make a strike.

Tyler:  shaking his head firmly:  its the devil beating his wife.

Now we know.

BTW,  one of Tasha's classmates brought in her extra loom for Tasha to use. she told her she could switch it back if and when they found Tasha's loom.

Tyler thought that was pretty cool.

Keep the faith.

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