Monday, January 27, 2014

Scenes from a Basketball Game, Not in my house you Don't!

walking out onto the court (first time)
I am told, "Not in My House" is a basketball cry.
Tasha started basketball today. This poor child has never been to a basketball game, nor hardly touched a basketball other then to unwrap it from under the Christmas tree: found herself on a court today playing the game.
You would think when she unwrapped the ball it would have given he at least a hint of my plans for her, but no she totally oblivious to my dastardly plans.

Still she went out there bravely and played to the hilt with three six little girls named, Carly, Hayley, kaylay, Marley Carly and Natasha. Right there we have a handicap, no-ly in our name.
Still she played valiantly

Throwing in a foul. confidence growing

On the court for the first time..learning positions.. Still a little scard

I really don't know who was more excited.

No No no: Not in My house!
Confidence assured.

It was a very good day, and Natasha gained a 
tremendous amount of self confidence in a few hours.

Overheard in the Back Seat:

 Discussions about War:

Natasha: Tyler I know something you don't about a war.

Tyler: what war:
Natasha the war in Afghanstan
Tyler Huh??
Natasha: we are fighting with robots.
Tyler: What? We are?
Natasha: a long time ago we used to fight with peoople but people die, and now we use robets, if they get shot they don't die.
Tyler: confused face. looking at Natasha. Well, what do you know about that?

And about Missionaries in India.

Tyler, Well my dad and Corey are in india
Natasha: They are in india with indians.
tyler No. they are no indians. indians live here!
Mommy: Well, they are Indians, but not Native American indians.
Natasha: that what I was trying to say!
tyler: they are not with Indians, they have cars. Very old cars.
Natasha: they don't have Schools, that is what Corey(Bible study teacher) said
tyler: Yes they do they even have cell phones.
Natasha: Wow, cell phones?  just goes to show...

Yep, just goes to show. the things kids say.

Keep the faith

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