Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow Day!

We have been subjected to storm warnings and dire storm warning for 5 days. Sleet! Dangerous condition! Be prepared! Schools closed. Offices closed.Grocery stores did a bang up business.
Natasha was so excited, she could hardly stand it. I faithfully promised to keep an eye out and wake her up as soon as it started to snow. So I was up all night, and No, it did not Snow.
When it did start to snow, it was mostly sleet. So this is what our fearful storm looked like:
Pond behind condo

Really isn't very fierce looking But looks can be deceiving, and the fact is, the ground is slippery with rain and sleet even though little snow has made an appearance. the whole idea was a snowball fight. Tasha planned it for days. Now it didn't look like it was going to happen. Well the best laid plans of mice and men...

Tasha was not to be deterred, however and decided to go out and go on an icicle hunt, If she wasn't going to find snow, she was going to find something. Icicles it was.
And so she did.

Searching for Icicles is fun, but the real fun begins when your friends show up and you find out, they are on a icicle hunt too. So everyone joins forces:

Mailboxes should be good hunting places

Wow! Pay dirt!

And so, off  to find more. It turns out the other kids liked to eat the icicles, but Tasha wanted to save hers. they also were trying to find enough snow to make snow creme. We let the other kids have the snow, after all: we had the Icicles, didn't we?

Kids are wonderful, they can take a disappointing situation and make it better. they can take a dull day, and make it exciting. they can take a loss and turn it into a profit.  
We need to be, in a lot of ways more like kids.
So about Tasha's snowball fight...

We improvised there as well.  Melted icicles make pretty good ammunition in a pinch.

Keep the Faith.

Pictures are courtesy of Denise, Tasha's mom who braved the cold and the sleet so the kids could have fun outside. What a mom. 
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