Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Superbowl commercial reprecussion

The Superbowl is over, (Thank Heavens) Denver fans are beginning to recover. Seahawk fans are reveling in their first Superbowl win ever, you have to really cheer for them. This win meant way more to their fans, then the same old win would have felt to Denver fans that have experienced it in the past. Five times in the past.
 Superbowl's come and Superbowl's go, but Superbowl commercials live forever. Or so it seems.
A few commercial that keep passing through on my FB, Twitter, Google plus and other areas.

1. Cheerios Charming Superbowl commercial.

I personally think this is a great ad. Very cute. The thing is; they are selling Cheerios, people. Not families, not promoting interracial marriage  they are selling cereal. and when you remove all of the controversy away, a little girl trying to bargain for a dog instead of a little pretty cool and cute.

2. Budweiser's Puppy love

Everybody loves a cute puppy, and most everyone loves horses put them together you have everyone's favorite commercial. Apparently. It was sweet, entertaining.and the poor dog complained to his agent and union because they used six of his counterparts to complete the commercial, besides  they used a stuffed puppy to train the horsey, Now did the stuffed doggies get paid the same as the 7 real ones?

Coca Cola's famous or infamous America the beautiful commercial.

I got a lot of comments on this one. there is even a debate going on within my own  family.
However the one that still sticks in mind, and the one I see most is:

I sing the National Anthem  in English

 Where was I when America the Beautiful became the National anthem? The National Anthem, I am afraid, was not the song sung in the commercial, but the song sung at the the opera singer...born in Germany. I do believe she sang it in English, but some of the high notes are hard to tell. She could have been faking it,  but I do't think so.

Budweiser welcome home soldier...

What can anyone say about his one...Soldiers are pure tear material. Especially coming home ones.
They should all get a parade like this one.

So these are the commercials are  still in  circulation on  my  various web world sites , you may have others and comments too, please share.  All in All 2014 was a good commercial year, just not the best.

My all time favorite commercial in the world. Superbowl and non Superbowl . is below.It is the only one I am posting a link to, and maybe that isn't fair, but well. It's my blog. fifth amendment rights and all that.  It is, of course a Budweiser commercial. These guys just have it together. their commercials are so good, you forget they sell  beer

Keep the Faith....

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