Friday, June 13, 2014


Sometimes the simplest decision can change your life forever.  You decide to take a different route to work and there is a fatal accident on your usual route. You miss it. Three others don’t and perish.
Abe Lincoln’s body guard hangs around the pub for another drink while the President is in the theater

A guard in Hitler’s bunker is afraid to wake him up on December sixth, lest he become a victim of his wrath.
President Kennedy argues that he does not want to use the protective glass on his motorcade one day in Dallas, he wants to be accessible to the people.
You finally give up listening to your brother in laws' nagging so an to shut him up and get him off your back you invest  your life savings into an investment group' run by a man named Bernie Madoff Steady returns, he promises....

You have a fight with a friend, although your conscience is really telling you to give them a call you don’ they are killed in a crash by a drunk driver before you get the nerve. Suddenly the fight that was like the end of the world, seemed so frivolous.

The tyranny of small decisions plague our everyday life, and history’s involvement. We do not think a lot about the everyday decisions we make, they seem minor. Yet, the reality is every decision we make, that we think just involves us; actually involves at least three other people. You may not even know who they are.

Father’s Day is this Sunday, and although this is not a simplest of decisions it is a choice. To choose to bring a new life into this world, is to make a decision to love, guide, care for and mold another human being. You are sentenced to either a lifetime of proms, giggling, and perfecting your dirty look for the boys; or football basketball and raising your guy to be the awesome father and husband you are.
Either way, it is a wonderful ride for both of you. Happy Father’s day, enjoy your tie.

Sometimes the decision to become a parent isn’t one that was chosen. You find the perfect soul mate, and she has kids. Either from a divorce, a father that didn't keep his promise, or one who has gone home to be with the Lord. 

Tasha asked me Monday if her uncle Eric was coming over Sunday (Fathers Day), I replied we could ask.

“Good,” she replied “He is the most important man in my life right now,”
Tasha and Her father are separated by distance, it is hard for him to visit. Eric stepped in and became that person,
He made a decision that Tasha would have a male role models close, as well as one far away.

Then of course we have single moms, that do it all, We cannot forget them on Fathers Day, because they are mother, father, bread winner, chauffeur
cook, housekeeper and whew! it is tiring, just thinking about it. 

In the end, our lives are directed by the decisions we make, the choices are made and life goes on.
So to all Fathers, and Mothers who do it all, to Stepfathers, uncles and men who answered the call

Happy Fathers Day! you are heroes all.

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