Monday, June 30, 2014

When in Rome...,

Rome circa 333AD
During the first century, 333AD, a Roman citizen could walk the world the entire world without fear of being molested harmed, or dishonored in any way. Moses himself, fled the country and lived in the desert. So great was the retribution of Rome no one dared to come near them much less harm them. All one had to say was: Io sono un cittadino romano. I am a Roman Citizen

America was such a country. We separated ourselves from England and started a brand new country. We did this with our strength and will, and not much else.

The slaves were strong, they watched the stars and planned. They escaped for freedom because being a slave was not acceptable,
They left family and headed north with a dream.

Our country was threatened again in 1861. This threat was interior. The country threaten to explode, and split in two.
This time, we stood faced each other.
In a week we are going to celebrate two anniversaries. The declaration of independence, and the battle of Gettysburg. It is fitting that such events took place on the same date. On one day, we declared we would be a country: on the other one the tide was turned toward staying one country.
It was a hot, dry day in 1863 when the two armies faced each other. One army fully equipped, the other miles from home and not likely to get resupplied.

The Colonel of the 20th Maine fought long and hard the entire day; exhausting his ammunition. Drawing heavy casualties, and watching is men grow so weary they could hardly stand and fight. On the last round he found he didn’t have any resources, But, if he retreated the enemy would go past him and capture the Union army from behind. The only thing to do? Order a Bayonet charge. This totally surprised Hoods Alabamians, and so they retreated, the union retained the high ground.
The next day, General Lee through everything he had at the union troops. Thousands of men marched in attack that would forever be known as Pickett’s Charge. General Pickett’s Virginians knew what they were getting into, knew they may not survive yet in the hopes of winning the day marched across one mile of open land into the enemy fire. Losing the day.

At the end of the war, these two courageous armies became one country. America, with this type of courage; how could we lose?

America evolves.
There was a time when overseas if you mentioned you were American you automatically were respected.

There was a time when our Allies listened to us, and backed us in our endeavors.

There was a time when there was stress in another land, all we had to do was send one of our mighty carriers and the land was silent.

There was a time when no enemy would dare board one of our military ships, they would be afraid of our retaliation.

There was a time When America dipped its flag to no one.
Not anymore.

One of my favorite movies is Independence Day. There is a scene where a British soldier is told there is a message by Morse code message from the Americans and he replies “it’s about bloody time!”
Americans to the rescue.

After 500 years Rome, like most evil empires fell. There were many reasons from the fall, one certainly was the insanity of its leaders.
Corruption, dependence on slave labor and not watching its back. The Barbarians and Western empires snuck up on her, but the leaders thought they were infallible.
Not so.

Neither are we,

Let’s not get caught fighting among ourselves on things that do not matter.
We are strong. The men who fought in the Civil War are the ancestors. The slaves who thirsted for freedom were our ancestors.

The sons and daughters of these slaves, decided enough was enough in the sixties and made a bid to change the world yet again for equality.
Americans all with American pride and power.

On Friday, we celebrate our country. We will fly our flags, shoot fireworks, BBQ’s and celebrate America,

Take a moment to remember how we were, but still, we are a great country. There isn’t another country that has fought and survived intact so many battles and growing pains.

And so, when we are in another country, or even our own: We need to raise our heads high  and simply say:
I am an American Citizen.
That’s it.

picture courtesy of Seal of honor. Thank you
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