Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Living in a house of giggles

While driving through town, Tasha noticed a homeless person on the side of the road. 
“I bet she is thirsty, can we give her a drink?”
At the time, we had plenty of drinks and water: however we were across three lanes of packed traffic. I had to say no, not this time
But hopefully next time.
Tasha remarked, “every time I see a homeless person, I always think how thirsty they must be.”
Ok Definitely next time.
Last week or the week before the internet was abuzz regarding a dress. What color is it? What color do you see?
If you are over fifty you see this color, etc. The whole dress thing hit main stream media, and was the topic of conversation in many homes, offices and retails outlets I visited. I was continually amazed at the fact everything from jeopardy to Good morning America had a take on it.
The things we get caught up in.

This week the debate is on a beautiful baby, whose mom wrapped her in the American Flag. People that are aware of the rules of flying the flag, decided this was unforgivable.
The baby, innocent as she is was/ is the product of 5 generations of active duty Americans. Family that had sacrificed and volunteered their lives for their county.
But they didn't lose anyone you said, so it’s different.
Really, say that to any military spouse or family that has been separated, move to weird places on the globe in the service of their country. It costs a lot,
There are 403 homeless people recorded in Charleston, seems a low number but it would triple if the unrecorded numbers were added.
Joint Base Charleston has over 20.000 members of all military branches stationed. Every time I hear a C17 fly overhead, I pray for their safety. We do not know if they are coming or going, but there isn’t anywhere safe any longer. So I pray.
At Bible study that evening, Tasha said thoughtfully, “if food costs $500 dollars, and a person has 20, I think they should give the person the food anyway.”
She felt so strongly about it, she took the matter up with the Lord in prayer, immediately.
Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that simple?
Why are we all right Nanny? Because we live in a house of giggles?
“Yes, we live in a house of giggles, because being sad solves nothing, being negative solves even less. We choose to giggle”
Seriously, I don’t know the difference. I know for years we lived two weeks away from being homeless ourselves.  We drove into Charleston literally running for our lives, not anywhere to live, our car piled high with our belongings and Tasha. She couldn’t see out of any window we had the back seat piled so high around her car seat. And she sang all the way.
I think its okay, maybe even therapeutic for the world to go crazy about the color of a dress sometimes, if we didn’t, how would we hold onto our sanity?
It’s also ok to debate things like what should or should not be wrapped in the American Flag.
(Babies, yes everything else no) At least it shows you care and are thinking of the Flag and Pride.
As long as we don’t forget the other things, like the homeless, things that are important.

Like a homeless person standing on the corner, thirsty. Or a family of proud veterans honoring a new generation wrapped in the flag they fought to protect.
For us, we live in a house of giggles. Mommy gets silly, Nanny stays silly and Tasha doesn't worry too much about whats going to happen.
We wish all of you the same.
The dress is gold, by the way.

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