Thursday, October 22, 2015

A shout out to Nobodies

A midst the uncertainties of war
Every soldier is entitled to one
Certainly that he will not be…forgotten
Or abandoned,

Poor is the nation that has no heroes
Shameful is the one that having them…

Everyone should have heroes. But how do we choose them? Is it a rock star, or a politician? Perhaps a ball player or Nascar driver?
Everyone has someone or should. Heroes keep us motivated to be what they are.
encouragement in times of darkness
They are rich, famous, admired liked most of us are drawn to people like this because it is what we want in life.
I was thinking today about the nobodies in life, those who should be our hero, but we take for granted, You know the ones.
 After a storm, you flip a switch an the lights come on-because someone from the power company has been working on the wires during the storm.

The owner of the stall at the farmer’s market downtown. When the day is over he takes all of his leftover produce and bread to the homeless shelter and donates it so they have fresh food once a week.

The soldier, that was never deployed but stayed stateside and works to make sure the deployed soldiers have supplies they need.
he single mom raising her children alone; working two jobs and volunteering at the church to feed the needy.

The retired couple who give up two hours every weekday to deliver meals on wheels for shut ins.

The truth is there are nobodies everywhere. Your next door neighbor may quietly rescue animals and find homes for them.
You, yourself may be a nobody.
The fact is, nobodies are somebodies. They are behind the scene quietly making the world spin.

Next time you are thinking about heroes, think about the ones you have never thought about.
The lady who drives a bookmobile.
The man who runs a homeless shelter.
The person who notices how sad you are and ask if they could help.
The Prayer Warriors on their knees for you or
the lady from church, whom you have never spoken to: that has you on her prayer list.
Nobodies all

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